Disassembly iPhone 6s

If you are starting to repair the device for the first time, pay attention to this tutorial — First time repairing.

Tools needed to disassemble iphone 6s: 

  • Pentalobe screwdriver – 0,8mm
  • Phillips screwdriver – PH00 1.5mm
  • Suction cup for removing touchscreens
  • Plastic mediator or plastic card
  • Hairdryer

How to disassemble iPhone 6s

Step-by-step video instruction how to disassemble an iPhone 6s for replacement or repair any parts. Also in the video guide is represented the reverse assembly of the phone.

Video guide of iPhone 6s disassembly and assembly process

Replacement home button in iPhone 6s

The process of replacing the home (touch id) buttons in the iPhone.

Video guide of replacement “home” button in iPhone 6s / iPhone 6

Replacement main camera in iPhone 6s

Replacement of the rear camera iphone 6 includes all the steps that were part of the disassembly of the phone.

Video guide of iPhone 6s replacement camera module

iPhone 6s motherboard replacement

Full process of disassembling the phone with the dismantling of the main board and after the reverse assembly.

Video guide of iPhone 6s motherboard replacement