iPhone XS Screen Replacement Guide

To disassemble the iPhone XS you need the following tools:

  • Screwdriver set with pentalobe 0.8 / tri-wing Y0.8 / philips 00
  • Tweezers
  • Opening plastic tool
  • Plastic mediator
  • Suction cup for removing display
  • Hairdryer

Replacement parts:

I also recommend using a magnetic mat when disassembling the iPhone XS and lay out screws in the order of the disassembly process, because all screws are of different sizes and it is enough just to get confused during assembly.

Video Guide

iPhone XS screen replacement video guide

Photo Guide

Before disassembling, turn off the iPhone and remove the sim card tray. Unscrew two screws near the lightning port.

disassembly-iphone-xs-step 1
disassembly step 1

Using a hairdryer, heat the surface of the display for a one minute. This will make it easier to separate the display from the iPhone case.

disassembly-iphone-xs-step 2
disassembly step 2

Apply suction cup to the bottom edge of the display and pull up on the ring. Push the plastic mediator between the display and iPhone case.

disassembly-iphone-xs-step 3
disassembly step 3

Now carefully separate the display from the iPhone case.

disassembly-iphone-xs-step 4
disassembly step 4

Open iPhone by swinging the display to the right side, like the cover of a book.

disassembly-iphone-xs-step 5
disassembly step 5

Next, unscrew the 4 screws (marked yellow) on the metal panel using a Tri-Wing screwdriver and one screw (marked green) using a PH00 screwdriver.

disassembly-iphone-xs-step 6
disassembly step 6

Remove the metal panel and next disconnect the battery cable from the main board of the iPhone (marked red), then disconnect the 3 cables of the display module (marked yellow). When disconnecting cables I recommend to use a plastic tool.

disassembly-iphone-xs-step 7
disassembly step 7

To replace the screen on iPhone XS, you need to disconnect the speaker with light and proximity sensors from the original display and install it on a new display module. Unscrew the 3 screws with a Tri-Wing screwdriver. One of the screws is hidden under the black film.

Each of the screws has a different size:

  • 1.3 mm screw marked yellow
  • 1.4 mm screw marked red
  • 1.9 mm screw marked green
display-replacement-iphone-xs-step 1
display replacement step 1

Using hairdryers, heat the front side of the display where located the sensors and carefully separate the sensors from the display housing.

display-replacement-iphone-xs-step 2
display replacement step 2

Now a very important step, it is necessary to remove the light sensor. It is necessary to do this with extreme caution, because this sensor is combined with your iPhone XS from the factory with individual firmware, therefore you should transfer it from the old display to the new one.

This light sensor is part of the Face ID biometric function.

display-replacement-iphone-xs-step 3
display replacement step 3

If this sensor is damage, the Face ID will be lost, so special care is required not to damage one of these components during removal and replacement of the display.

display-replacement-iphone-xs-step 4
iphone xs display replacement step 4

If any of the disassembly steps is not clear to you, we recommend watching the video tutorial at the top of the page.

True Tone and auto-brightness is turned off after replacing the screen on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, even when using the original screen with an identical iPhone. True Tone is calibrated and programmed on each screen individually at the factory where your iPhone was assembled. How to restore auto-brightness on iphone xs see our tech blog.

Installing the display on the iPhone XS

  • Begin assembling the display with the installation of the external light sensor, then install the proximity sensor.
  • Next step install the earpiece speaker.
  • Fasten 3 screws.
  • After installing the speaker with sensors, the display module should be tested before final assembly with the gluing of the case.

For test the iPhone XS, connect the 3 display cables and only then connect the battery cable. Turn over the display module, but do not press it, just turn it over. Turn on the iPhone and if necessary install a sim card. Check the iPhone and if everything works correctly let’s begin to the final assembly with gluing the case.

Remove the old adhesive tape from the iPhone case.

assembly-iphone-xs-step 1
assembly step 1

Using medicine alcohol, wipe the surface of the iPhone housing where old tape was located.

assembly-iphone-xs-step 2
assembly step 2

Now, take adhesive tape and apply to the case. With this adhesive tape, you save waterproof resistance of your iPhone XS. You can buy this adhesive tape on Amazon.

assembly-iphone-xs-step 3
assembly step 3

Connect 3 cables from the display to mainboard and only after that connect battery cable to the mainboard.

assembly-iphone-xs-step 4
assembly step 4

Set metal panel and fasten 5 screws:

  • Screw Tri-Wing 1.0 mm marked in yellow
  • Screw Tri-Wing 1.3 mm marked in red
  • Screw PH00 3.7 mm marked green
assembly-iphone-xs-step 5
assembly step 5

After screwing all the screws on the metal panel, turn the display over and press it to the case. You can hear sounds of slamming the case.

In the final stage, fasten two screws near the charging port.

assembly step 6

Now you can turn on the iPhone XS and use it.