ASUS FonePad FE170CG

Disassembly Process

ASUS FONEPAD FE170CG consists of various modules. This chapter describes the procedures for the complete unit disassembly. In addition, in between procedures, the detailed disassembly procedure of individual modules will be provided for your needs.

The disassembly procedure consists of the following steps:

  •  Back cover
  •  Battery
  •  Main Board Component
    1. FFC
    2. Main Antenna
    3. AMIC
    4. Speaker Module
    5. Vibrator
    7. Touch FPC
  •  LCD Module
  •  Camera module
  •  Main Board

Back cover

The illustrations below show how to remove the back cover from the unit.

1. Open the SIM door.

2. Use Plastic Blade and follow the arrow to disassemble the back cover.

Start from the Star

3. Below picture is the back cover module.


The illustrations below show how to remove the battery from the unit.

1. Use Plastic Blade to remove the Battery connector.

2. There are 2 double side stickers under the battery.

3. Use plastic mylar to remove the double side sticker of the battery.

Use the plastic mylar to remove left side adhesive.

Use the plastic mylar to remove right side adhesive.

4. The below picture is the battery.

Main Board Components

The illustrations below show how to remove the Main board from the unit.

1. The following shows the components on main board.

2. Remove the FFC.


4. Remove the FFC connector of LCD side.

5. Remove the main antenna connector.

Remove the main antenna foil.

Use plastic blade to remove the main antenna from unit.

6. Remove the AMIC cable.

Remove the Gasket from the unit.

7. Remove the SPEAKER MODULE connector.

Remove 2 screws from speaker.

Remove the speaker module.

8. Remove the vibrator connector.

Remove the vibrator.

9. Remove SIDE_KEY_FPC.

10. Remove the Gasket from MB.

11. Remove the touch FPC frome MB.

LCD Module

The illustrations below show how to remove the Main board from the unit.

1. Remove 5 screws by sequence from MB.

2. Remove the MB from the device. Please wear gloves or ESD wrist straps.

3. The following shows the LCD module.

Camera Module

The illustration below shows how to disassemble Rear and front Camera module.

Front Camera

1. Use the tweezers to remove the front camera from MB.

Rear Camera

1. Take off the tape on the camera; disconnect and pull out the FPC carefully.

Main Board

The illustration below shows the main board which doesn’t need to remove other key part.