Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 (G313H)

Disassembly Process

Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 (G313H) Lite consists of various modules. This chapter describes the procedures for the complete unit disassembly. In addition, in between procedures, the detailed disassembly procedure of individual modules will be provided for your needs.

Disassemble REAR Dummy and Disassemble LCD Conn.

1. Remove the REAR COVER first, and disconnect the LCD connector.

2. The dryer & glass absorber Used to disassemble the LCD ASS’Y and REAR assy.

Disassemble REAR

1. Disassemble 4 point screws.

Disassemble Home Key Dummy.

1. Home Key DUMMY right home using tweezers to lift the back round Remove the HOME KEY Dummy.

Disassemble PBA Ass’y

1. REAR pulling outward from the hook to the bottom.

2. Disassemble side hook first, and after that, disassemble from downside to upside.

Disassemble SHIELD CAN Screw.

1. Disassemble 1 point screw.