Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime replacement screen

This instruction to replace the screen is applicable to smartphones Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime G570, G570F, G570Y, G570F, G5510, G5520, G5700, Samsung Galaxy On5 series 2016 and 2017 release.

To disassemble Samsung J5 we will need suction cup and plastic mediator.

Samsung j5 G570 Prime disassembly and replace screen

Display module on Samsung J5 glued around perimeter of phone and we need to heat the surface of phone.

For this, we will use a hairdryer because this will make it easier to remove the display module Set suction cup on display and pull up until gap between a phone casing and display.

Disassembly-Samsung-galaxy-j5-G570-Prime-Step 1
Step 1

By easy and carefully moves separate phone case and display module. The most difficult thing is to separate display in place where “home” button.

disassembly-Samsung-galaxy-j5-G570-Prime-Step 2
Step 2

Separate the display module from the phone and disconnect LCD cable.

disassembly-Samsung-galaxy-j5-G570-Prime-Step 3
Step 3

Now we take a new display module. You can buy new display module for Samsung Galaxy j5 on Amazon

First, connect and check display for other defects.

disassembly-Samsung-galaxy-j5-G570-Prime-Step 4
Step 4

If your display is working properly, we will start installing it. 

Again remove the display and disconnect LCD cable. Next, remove the old glue from the phone case.

disassembly-Samsung-galaxy-j5-G570-Prime-Step 5
Step 5

Now you can applying an adhesive pad or special glue for phone. Also I left links to glue on Amazon

disassembly-Samsung-galaxy-j5-G570-Prime-Step 6
Step 6

Set the speaker grille.

disassembly-Samsung-galaxy-j5-G570-Prime-Step 7
Step 7

Connect the display cable to the main board of the phone.

disassembly-Samsung-galaxy-j5-G570-Prime-Step 8
Step 8

Then press the display to the phone case. Leave the phone for a couple of hours to dry the glue. After, you can turn on the phone and use it.