Samsung GT-S8530

 Disassembly Process

Samsung GT-S8530 Wave consists of various modules. This chapter describes the procedures for the complete GT-S8530disassembly. In addition, in between procedures, the detailed disassembly procedure of individual modules will be provided for your needs.

The disassembly procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Disassemble upper Deco cover
  • Unscrew upper Deco.
  • Disassemble upper Deco.
  • Disassemble Case body.
  • Unscrew REAR
  • Disassemble intenna’s cover.
  • Disassemble intenna cover.
  • Disassemble front key pad.
  • Unscrew intenna.
  • Disassemble intenna.
  • Disassemble the REAR.
  • Disassemble FPAB.
  • Disassemble Camera cover.
  • Disassemble FPAB.
  • Unscrew PBA.
  • Detach FPCB.
  • Disassemble PBA.
  • Disassemble PBA.

Disassemble upper Deco cover.

1.Detach upper Deco’s cover with pincette.

Unscrew upper Deco.

1.Unscrew upper Deco 3-point.

Disassemble upper Deco.

1.Pull upper Deco after hold it.

Disassemble Case body.

1.Slide the Case body up.

Unscrew REAR.

1.Unscrew REAR 4-point.

Disassemble intenna’s cover.

1.TO disassemble intenna’s cover, widen the hook of the intenna’s cover with disassembling knife.

Disassemble intenna cover.

1.Pull intenna’s cover after hold it.

Disassemble front key pad.

1.Hold up key pad.

Unscrew intenna.

1.Unscrew intenna 2-point.

Disassemble intenna.

1.Pull an intena after hold it.

Disassemble the REAR.

1.Hold the REAR up.

Disassemble FPAB.

1.Detach FPCB with tweezers.

Disassemble Camera cover.

1.Hold up the Camera cover right side.

Disassemble FPAB.

1.Disassemble FPCB 2-point.

Unscrew PBA.

1.Unscrew PBA 3-point.

Detach FPCB.

1.Detach FPCB 2-point with tweezers.

Disassemble PBA.

1.Hold up PBA.

Disassemble PBA.

1.Detach FPCB 2-point with tweezers.