Samsung SM-G130E

Disassembly Process

Samsung SM-G130E consists of various modules. This chapter describes the procedures for the complete SM-G130E disassembly. In addition, in between procedures, the detailed disassembly procedure of individual modules will be provided for your needs.

Disassemble the Rear Dummy.

Detach the LCD connector from the board.

Disassemble the OCTA in the direction as picture.

Disassemble the OCTA from the Rear

Detach the TSP connector from the LCD.

Detach the LCD from the TSP.

Unscrew the 3 points of the PBA.

Disassemble the HOME Key from the Rear.

Disassemble the PBA from the Rear.

Disassemble the Shield Can from the PBA.

Disassemble Speaker, Motor, Receiver, ANT.