Samsung SM-N900

Disassembly Process

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SMN900 consists of various modules. This chapter describes the procedures for the complete unit disassembly. In addition, in between procedures, the detailed disassembly procedure of individual modules will be provided for your needs.

Disassemble rear screw 12 points.

 Disassemble rear with disassemble equipment, remove hook Right → Left → Bottom → Top

 Remove hook which side of SIM socket.

Disassemble Front from Rear.

1) Remove LCD FPCB, SUB PBA, Touch key FPCB, 2M CAMERA, RCV&Earjack MODULE FPCB, and Wacom Sheet FPCB.

2) Remove coaxial cable.

3) Disassemble the PBA.

Remove SUB PBA.

Remove 13M Camera.