Why true tone and auto brightness not working on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

In this article, I explain why auto-brightness and true tone does not work after the display is replaced and how to solve this problem.

Both of these functions are based on the iPhone XS external light sensor, namely in a small module built into the top of the display, which somehow turns off on the latest iPhone XS and XS Max whenever you replace the display, even if you keep the original sensor and even You are using a brand new original Apple display. And if you insert the original display back, everything will work fine again.


Therefore, you must install an ambient light sensor from your iPhone XS to the new display module in order to save functions.

But that’s not all, you also need to program a new display. There is an affordable solution to restore auto-brightness after replacing a broken display with any other display using a special data copyer programmer.

Data Copyer repair Auto-Brightness Light Sensor

This programmer supports iPhone XS / XS Max, as well as older iPhone 7, 7 Plus / 8, 8 Plus / X models.

If the display module is completely broken or lost, this is no problem, because this data copyer can restore the light sensor without an original display.

The process of restoring the auto-brightness is quite simple, connect a new display to the data programmer, then flashing the display module and everything is ready.

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