Repair guides for laptop

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Step-by-step video and photo instructions how to disassemble a laptop at home for upgrade, cleaning the cooling system, replacing the thermal paste and replace the accessories. Our step-by-step guides will help you do it yourself. Dont worry, also we help to reassemble your laptop. Our tutorials contain general stages of the disassembly process to prevent typical errors and facilitate the process.

According to our instructions, you will be able to perform:

  • Disassembly and cleaning the laptop fan - will help prevent overheating of the laptop cooling system, this is the main problem that leads to breakdown laptop motherboard.
  • Replacing the thermal paste in laptop - it is recommended to change the thermal grease once a year, it can reduce the temperature of the processor and improve performance.
  • Replacing the laptop keyboard is one of the most common laptop breakdowns due to the spillage of liquid.
  • Replacement of the laptop LCD screen - the display is one of the most fragile elements of the laptop and in case of a breakdown it is impossible to restore the LCD display, the only solution is a replacement.
  • Upgrading or replacing a hard drive in a laptop is one of the easiest and most demanding tasks that you can perform on your own. Also, according to the instructions, you can replace the old and slow hard drive with a new and fast SSD drive.
  • Upgrade RAM in laptop is one of the most common ways to add performance to your notebook, on a level with installing an SSD drive.
  • Replace the battery in the laptop - if your laptop has a battery in the casing and there is no possibility of a quick replacement, by our step-by-step instructions you can change the battery in the laptop.
  • Assembling the laptop - the reverse assembly after disassembly, is the main problem that repels many people before disassembling the device. For each instruction for disassembling the laptop, there is a reverse assembly, which will help to assemble the laptop in its original state.