Tools & Parts

Screwdriver Sets


Here you find screwdriver sets for repairing laptops, tablets and smartphones. The most useful equipment for repairing electronic gadgets is selected in my experience.

Opening Tool

Opening Pry Tool

Auxiliary equipment for disassembling laptops, tablets and smartphones. Plastic mediators, antistatic tweezers, plastic openers for opening the cases. With these tools, you can disassemble your device without damage the case elements.

Thermal Grease Paste


Using tests, were selected the best thermal greases and now you don't need to waste time searching for the best thermal paste for your laptop.

Laptop Parts

laptop parts

Parts for upgrade or replacement for laptop. Verified brands with guaranteed and high performance are presented. Presented verified brands with guaranteed and high performance.

Useful Parts

useful parts

Useful parts for laptop like a cooling pad, external hard drive docking station, SATA to USB converter, 2nd HDD Caddy and other useful parts.