Opening Tools

16 Pieces Opening Pry Tool Kit

HowFixit 16-in-1 opening tool kit for disassembling and opening cases of mobile phones, laptops, tablets, game consoles, cameras, and any other electronic gadgets.

Package included:
3 x Spudger
3 x Thin Mediator
2 x Mediator
2 x Anti-static Tweezers
1 x Opener
1 x Suction Cup
1 x ESD Spudger
1 x Antistatic Brush
1 x Metal Tin Scraping Knife
1 x Wide plastic spudger

14 Pieces Opening Tool Kit

HowFixit Opening Tools for Disassembling and Repair Laptop, Game Console, Computer

HowFixit 14-in-1 opening tool kit for disassembling and opening cases of laptops, game consoles, computers.

Package included:
5 x Mediator
4 x Spudger
1 x Antistatic Brush
1 x Thermal paste GD900 (1 gramm)
1 x Long Metal opener
1 x Metal opener
1 x Wide plastic spudger

Magnetic Mat

HowFixit Magnetic Mat

HowFixit Magnetic Mat Auxiliary Tool for disassembling Electronics, Laptop, Smartphone, Game Console, iPhone, iPad, etc.

The magnetic mat allows sorting the removed parts in the right place and it helps to distribute the parts in the order of disassembly.

On the surface of the magnetic mat, you can write with an erasable marker and mark important disassembly steps. Now you do not get confused when disassembling and reassembling a smartphone, laptop or any other electronic gadgets.

Opener Pry Tool

HowFixit Opener

This Dual Heads Flexible Opening Tool has the following advantages:

  • Multifunctional Stainless Steel prying tool.
  • The opener for opening up any electronic device.
  • A high-quality steel blade easily slips between the tightest gaps in the toughest devices.
  • The ergonomic handle and flexible steel blade make it easy to open devices.
  • A useful tool for replacing batteries, touch screen, LCD, cover, hard disk etc...

Precision Tweezers Set

HowFixit Precision Tweezers Set 3pcs Stainless Steel Anti-Static

A set of 3in1 anti-static tweezers for the repair and maintenance of electronic equipment. An indispensable auxiliary tool when working with small parts.

The tweezers use ESD-safe coating to protect sensitive components from static damaging effects.

  • Anti-static
  • Anti-magnetic
  • Good elasticity
  • Acid-proof
  • Anti-corrosion