Opening Tools

18 Pieces Opening Pry Tool Kit

Opening Pry Tool

18-in-1 Opening Pry Tool Repair Kit with Non-Abrasive Nylon Spudgers and Pack of 2 Anti-Static Tweezers

This Kit nice selection of tools help get devices apart and remove the small cables in cell phones or laptops. The tweezers are good for really fine small items as the end is pointed. The pry tools are versatile as each one has it's own application functionality.

Package included:
1 x Metal Spudger
2 x anti-static tweezer
1 x Knife
3 x Triangle Paddle
6 x Pry Tools Repair Open
4 x pry tools
1 x Ultrafine Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

23 Pieces Opening Tool Kit

Repair Multi Opening tool Kit

23-in-1 Opening Tool Kit for dismantling laptop, Smart Phone, Tablet and PC Computer.

1 X Metal Spudger
1 X Knife
2 X Blue Plastic Pry Tools
1 X Green Double-headed plastic Pry Tool
2 X Anti-static Tweezers
1 X Capactive Screen Crowbar
1 X Premium Flat Head Screwdriver(1.5x30mm)
1 X IPad Pry Bar
1 X Anti-Static Wrist Strap
3 X Blue Plastic Triangle Tools
6 X Pry Tools Repair Open
1 X Suction Cup
1 X Clean Cloth
1 X SIM Card Tray Opener

99 in 1 Opening Tools with Screwdriver Set

99 in 1 Opening Tools with Screwdriver Set

99-in-1 Full Set - included 50 chrome-vanadium steel magnetic bits, handle, opening plier, LCD suction cup, precision tweezer, anti-static wrist strap, utility knife, all kinds of plastic & metal phone disassembly tool set, roller screwdriver tool and etc.

For repair:
- iphone X /8/7/6, Smartphone, Computer, Macbook, iPad, Tablet, Laptop, Watches, Glasses, Camera etc.
- PS3/PS4 Xbox One/Xbox-360, Game Machine, and other Electronic Devices

Kit contains:
- 50 chrome-vanadium steel magnetic bits
- Handle, Opening plier, LCD suction cup
- Precision tweezer, Anti-static wrist strap, Utility knife
- Roller screwdriver and so on.

10 Piece Opening Tools for Opening Cell Phone

Opening Tools for Opening Cell Phone

Tool Kit for Cell Phone, iPhone, Samsung, iPad, iPod, MacBook, Tablet, Laptop and More

The complete dismantle tool set is prepared carefully according to use habits of repair master.

Sets of 10 pieces, including a Strong separation pliers, 3 professional crowbars, 2 the special screws, 2 triangle skid sheets, 1 x T-11, 1 x T-15 stainless steel precision tweezers. Add a strong PVC sucker for spare, make you more proficient.

Cell Phone LCD Screen Tool Prying

Phones LCD Screen Opening

Feature: Mobile Phone Screen Removal Vacuum Suction Cup Repair Tool - Pump It Up.

Opening repair tool kit that compatible with repairing moble devices, iPhone, iPads, iPods or any other smart phones. Good helper to remove LCD screen when you need repair your mobile phone.

Package contains:
1 x LCD screen opening pliers
1 x Dual Heads Flexible Opening Tool
1 x Superfine fiber cleaning clothes

Opening Tool for Electronics

Opening Tool for phone

High quality thin flexible steel blade easily slips between the tightest gaps.

Ergonomic flexible handle allows for precise control.

Tackles all prying tasks, from opening electronic devices to unsticking painted on outlet covers.

Popular uses include applications in Electronics, Paint, Construction, Automotive, DIY, and more!

high-quality steel blade easily slips between the tightest gaps in the toughest devices.

33 PCS Laptop Tool Kit and Screwdriver Set

33 PCS Laptop Tool Kit and Screwdriver Set

Include: 1x Anti-static Wrist Strap, 1x Suction Cup, 1x 6-inch Metal Ruler, 3x Metal Spudger, 1x Utility Knife, 4x Blue Plastic Pry Tools, 1x Angled Tweezer, 1x Blunt Tweezer, 1x Pointed Tweezer, 1x SIM Card Ejector Pin, 3x Triangle Plectrums.

15 Screwdriver:
-Torx Size: T3, T4, T5, T6, T8
-Slot Size: 1.4, 2.0, 2.4, 3.0
-Philips Size:1.5, 2.0
-Star-type:0.8, 1.2
-Y-type: 0.6, 2.5

58 in 1 Tool Kit with 42 Bits

58 in 1 Tool Kit with 42 Bits

1 x Magnetized Driver Handle, 1 x Magnifying glass, 1 x Flexible Shaft Extension, 1 x Solid Shaft Extension (Doubles as a T-handle for extra torque), 1 x 1/4" to 4mm bit adapter, 1 x ESD Tweezers, 1 x Larger LCD Suction Cup For removing the screen, 1 x SIM card needle (for iPhone and Samsung), 1x Magnifying glass, 1 x Ultra-thin steel pry tool, 1x Metal Spudger, 1x Black Plastic Spudger: Great for prying open the trickiest enclosures scratch-free, 2x Blue Plastic Pry Tools, 2x Triangle Paddle, 1x Microfiber cloth (6" x 5.7"), 1x Portable bag, 42 x bits.

86 in 1 Magnetic Repair Tool Kit

86 in 1 Magnetic Repair Tool Kit

Screwdriver Kit with Portable Bag for iPhone 8, 8 Plus/ Game Console/ Tablet/ PC/M acBook/ iPad and Other Electronics.

2 x Plastic Opening Tools, 3 x ESD Tweezers, 1 x Utility Knife, 1 x Anti-Static Wrist Strap, 1 x SIM Card Ejector Pin and LCD Suction Cup, 4 x Triangle Plectrums, 2 x Plastic Spudgers, 3 x Metal Spudgers, 1 x Tin Scraper, 1 x Large Plastic Double Headed Opening Tool, 1 x cleaning Cloth, 1 x Magnetizing and Demagnetizing Tool, 3 x SIM Card Shells, 2 x Magnetic Protect Mats, 1 x 60 in 1 Screwdriver Kit

Professional Toolkit for Smartphone, Computer and Tablet

Professional Toolkit for Smartphone, Computer and Tablet Repair Kit

Includes the 64 Bit Driver Kit, the highest quality most comprehensive CNC machined bit set.

64 Bit Driver Kit
Anti-Static Wrist Strap
Small Suction Cup
3x iFixit Opening Tool
iFixit Opening Picks x6
Nylon Tipped Reverse Tweezers
Angled ESD Tweezers
Blunt ESD Tweezers
Halberd Spudger
Metal Spudger
Magnetic Pad
Tool Roll

Precision Screwdriver Set - 35 Bit Tool Kit & 9 Opening Tools

Tools for Computer Repair

Premium Small & Compact Precision Screwdriver Kit for iPhone, gaming consoles, Computer Repairs

Kit contains:
1x Metal bits handle with a 4" extension
1x Nylon spudger
1x Nylon opening tool
1x Magnifying glass (small)
1x Magnet (small)
2x Plectrum opening tools
1x Metal tweezers
1x Metal spudger (small)
1x Metal spudger (large)
1x 1/4" to 4mm bit adapter (with this adapter, use the bits from this kit with your handheld power tool)
1x Microfiber cloth (2.3 x 2.3")
1x Suction cup
1x SIM card needle (for iPhone and Samsung)