ASUS S200 (S202E, X202E) Photo Guide

Disassembly Procedure

ASUS S200 (S202E, X202E) Series Notebook consists of various modules. This chapter describes the procedure for the complete notebook disassembly. In addition, in between procedures, the detailed disassembly procedure of individual modules will be provided for your needs.

The disassembly procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Bottom Case
  • Battery Module
  • HDD Module
  • WLAN (WiFi) Module
  • IO Board
  • Thermal Module Assy & Fan
  • Motherboard Module

Bottom Case Module

The illustrations below show how to remove and disassemble the Top Case Module.

Remove the Bottom Case Module

1. Remove 9 screws(8 screws of M2*4, 1 screws of M2*8)on the bottom case.

2. Use disassembly tool to pry up the sides of the bottom case.

Battery Module

The illustration below shows how to remove the battery module.

Remove Battery Module

1. Remove 7 screws(3 screws of M2*6, 4 screws of M2*4, 2 screws of M2*3)on the battery module.

2. Lift up to disconnect the battery cable.

3. Take the battery away.

HDD Module

The illustration shows how to remove the HDD Module.

Remove HDD Module

1. Remove 3 screws (3 screws of M2*4)on the HDD module. Remove the HDD module toward the arrow direction.

WLAN (WiFi) Module

The illustrations below show how to remove the WLAN Module from the notebook.

Remove WLAN Module

1. Disconnect the antenna cable.

2. Remove 1 screw (1 screw of M2*4) on the WLAN card and take the WLAN Card away toward the arrow direction.

IO Board

The illustrations below show how to remove the IO Board from the notebook.

Remove IO Board

1. Remove 5 screw (5 screw of M2*5)on the IO board and take it away.

2. Remove the control board cable and speaker cable.

Thermal module Assy & Fan

The illustrations below show how to remove the Thermal Module Assy & Fan from the notebook.

Separate Thermal Module Assy& Fan

1. Tear off 1 tape and disconnect the LVDS cable.

2. Disconnect the fan cable.

3. Remove 5 screws (5 screws of M2*4) on the thermal module.

4. Lift up and take the Thermal module assy & Fan away.

5. Remove 4 screws (4 screws of M2*5) on the LAN cover.

Motherboard Module

The illustrations below show how to disassemble and remove the Motherboard Module.

Remove the Motherboard Module

1. Remove 7 screws (5 screw of M2*5, 2 screws of M2*3) on the main board.

2. Disconnect the keyboard FPC.

3. Lift up and take the motherboard away.