How to disassemble PS4 Slim for cleaning and replacing thermal paste

How to disassemble the PlayStation 4 Slim game console model like CUH-2015 or CUH-2115 and other revisions. In addition, we will clean fan from dust and replace the thermal paste.

PS4 Slim model location: turn the console over and at the end where the HDMI output is located, your revision of the console will be indicated a little higher in the recess.

At the end of the page, you will find a video instruction on the reverse assembly of the PS4 Slim.

For disassemble the PS4 Slim, you need two type of screwdrivers: Torx T8 and Phillips PH0.

If any steps of disassembly of the photo instructions are not clear, you can watch the step-by-step video disassembly below.

PS4 Slim disassembly process

The first step is to remove the hard drive disk. Remove the panel, it is removed by a slight movement to the side. Next, unscrew the one screw and removing the hard drive.


The next step is to remove the warranty sticker.


After, unscrew one screw that was behind the sticker by use T8 Torx screwdriver.


Now you can open the bottom case of the ps4 slim. For this pry up on the two corners of case with your fingers.


Remove one screw using Philips PH0.


Turn over the PlayStation 4 Slim and remove the top cover. It is easy; just pry up on the two corners of case with your fingers.


The next step is to remove the power supply of the PS4 slim. Remove the three screws with a PH0 screwdriver. Next, using T8 Torx screwdriver unscrew three screws and remove the metal panel. After, disconnect the Wi-Fi antenna from the power supply.


Use a plastic opening tool to make space between the power supply and case. After that, lift up the power supply with your fingers.


Disconnect the cable from the power supply and remove the Wi-Fi antenna from the PS4 Slim motherboard.


Turn over the game console and turn off all cables from the motherboard.


Unscrew 30 screws on the metal panel (marked by yellow circles).
Turning off the fan loop (marked by green).
Disconnect the second WiFi antenna from the motherboard and unplug the antenna from the metal panel (marked in red). 
After, remove the metal plate.


Remove the two screws and remove the mount (marked with yellow circles).
Disconnect the 4-pin connector from the motherboard (marked in red)


Now the PS4 Slim motherboard is available for remove. Lifting it up to remove it from the case.


Using a napkin, remove the old thermal paste from the surface of the radiator and CPU of PS4 Slim.


Now apply a new thermal paste to the CPU. Spread the thermal paste evenly over the entire surface of the CPU.


The next step is cleaning the cooling system from dust. Flip the PS4 Slim over and unscrew two screws with a HP0 screwdriver on metal panel.


Turn over the console back and unscrew the one screw.


Now lift up the metal panel. On the back of this panel is located radiator. Clean the radiator from dust with a brush.


Next, clean the fan from dust, to do this, unscrew the two screws and remove the fan from the case. 


Now the fan can be cleaning from dust.


Well, that is all, PS4 Slim completely disassembled. Now you can go to the video on the reassembly of the PlayStation 4 Slim.

How to assemble PS4 Slim

General assembly steps

  1. Set back into the case PS4 Slim fan and fasten two screw.
  2. Install the metal panel with a heatsink into the case of the game console and fasten one screw.
  3. Turn the PS4 Slim console case over and fasten two long screws.
  4. Turn the console back over and install a small iron socket.
  5. Install a PS4 Slim motherboard, before you check that all thermal pads are in place.
  6. Connect the 4-pin cable to the motherboard.
  7. Install the metal panel and evenly fasten the two bolts.
  8. Check all thermal pads on the memory chips and install metal panel on top of the motherboard.
  9. Now fasten all 30 screws on the metal panel.
  10. Connect the fan cable to the motherboard.
  11. Connect four cables to the motherboard.
  12. Connect the Wi-Fi antenna to the motherboard.
  13. Turn over the PS4 Slim console and connect the second Wi-Fi antenna to the motherboard.
  14. Connect the 4-pin cable to the power supply.
  15. Now install the power supply in the console case.
  16. Install the Wi-Fi antenna to the power supply case and fix it with a screw.
  17. Screw the two screws on the PS4 Slim power supply housing.
  18. Turn over the PS4 Slim console and fasten one more screw on the backside which also fixes the console power supply unit.
  19. Install the top plastic cover on the PS4 Slim case.
  20. Turn the console over and install the metal socket on the case of the power supply.
  21. Using a Torx T8 screwdriver, fasten the three screws.
  22. Now install the second plastic case cover PS4 Slim.
  23. Screw one screw from the end of the console case.
  24. Install the hard drive and fasten one screw.