Disassembly Process

MSI GS70 Series Notebook consists of various modules. This chapter describes the procedure for the complete notebook disassembly. In addition, in between procedures, the detailed disassembly procedure of individual modules will be provided for your needs.

The disassembly procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Battery Module 
  • Memory Module 
  • HDD Module
  • SSD Module
  • Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) Module  
  • Motherboard Module
  • FAN Module 
  • LCD Module 
  • Bottom Case

Battery Module

 The illustration below shows how to remove the Battery Module.

Remove Battery Module

1. Remove the 17 screws (M2.5*6mm), 2 screws (M2.5*10mm).

2. Disconnect USB Cable, disconnect Battery Cable and remove battery pack.


The illustrations below show how to remove the HDD MODULE / WLAN (WiFi) MODULE / SSD CARD from the notebook.


1.1. Remove 1 pcs HDD SPONGE , then remove the HDD Module. 

1.2. Remove the 2 screw (M2*4mm) and Remove 2 pcs SSD Card.

1.3. Remove 1 screw (M2*4mm), then remove the two side wireless card antenna.

Motherboard Module

The illustrations below show how to disassemble and remove the Motherboard Module.

Remove the Motherboard Module

1.1. Disconnect Keyboard Cable, LED Cable, T/P Cable. 

1.2. Disconnect DC IN Cable, LVDS Cable, Fan Cable.

2. Disconnect Power Cable and Remove Fan cable, Speaker cable, Camera cable.

3. Remove the 11 screws (M2.5*4mm). Then Remove the 1 screws (M2.5*6mm), last remove the audio board and main board.

Memory Module / Thermal module

The illustration below shows how to remove the Memory Module and Thermal Module from the notebook.

Remove the Memory Module and Thermal module

1.1. Pry the 2 latches on the memory to pop up the memory. Then remove the memory.

1.2. Remove the 9 screws (M2.5*4mm), after that remove the 2 pcs Fan sink.

LCD Module

The illustrations below show how to remove and disassemble the LCD Module.

Remove the LCD Module

1. Remove the 3 screws (M2.5*4mm) that stabilize the left LCD hinge and right LCD hinge.

2. Use disassembly tool to pry up the edge of the bezel.

3.1. Remove the 3 screw (M2.5*4mm), then remove the Woofer Module. 

3.2. Remove the 6 screw (M2.5*4mm), then remove the right hinge and the left hinge.

4. Remove the 12 screws (M2.5*4mm) and remove the LVDS cable from display module.