SAMSUNG P560 Photo Guide

Disassembly Process

Samsung P560 Series Notebook consists of various modules. This chapter describes the procedure for the complete notebook disassembly. In addition, in between procedures, the detailed disassembly procedure of individual modules will be provided for your needs.

The disassembly procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Battery Module 
  • Memory Module 
  • HDD Module 
  • Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) Module 
  • Keyboard Module 
  • ODD (Optical Disc Drive) Module 
  • Top Case Module
  • Motherboard Module
  • FAN Module
  • CPU Module

Battery Module

 The illustration below shows how to remove the Battery Module.

Remove Battery Module

1. Open the battery latch1, and hold the battery latch2 to take the battery away.

Memory Module and HDD Module

The illustration below shows how to remove the Memory Module and HDD module from the notebook.

1.  Remove the screws from the bottom. Screw:  M2.6 X L8M2 X L4.

Remove the Memory Module and HDD module

2. Remove DOOR-HDD and DOOR-MEMORY. Pry the 2 latches on the memory to pop up the memory. Then remove the memory. Pull back the HDD and lift up. Remove 4 screws on the HDD housing and separate the hard disk and its housing.

ODD (Optical Disc Drive) Module

The illustrations below show how to remove the ODD Module.

Remove ODD Module

1. Remove 1 screw on the bottom case and pull out the ODD module from the compartment.

Keyboard Module

The illustration shows how to remove the Keyboard Module form the notebook.

Remove Keyboard Module

1. Remove 3 screw. By tweezers push hook to outer side then lift up keyboard.

2. Turn over the keyboard plate and disconnect the keyboard FFC and remove the keyboard plate. Put tweezers on each recess of Cap-Top and hold up Cap-Top.

3. Remove FFC-touchpad, SPEAKER connector, MIC connector, BLUTOOTH connector and F-PRINT connector from main board.  Disassemble top case module.

Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) Module

The illustration below shows how to remove the Wireless LAN Module from the notebook.

Remove Wireless LAN Module

Disconnect the antennas and remove 1 screws on Wireless LAN card and pull out the card from its slot.

Motherboard Module

The illustrations below show how to disassemble and remove the Motherboard Module.

Remove the Motherboard Module

1. Disassemble CAMERA cable , LCD cabel and ANTENNA cable from Housing-Top. Remove two screws fastening HINGE and TOP.  Elevate LCD Assy and disassemble from system part.

2. Disconnect motherboard and SUB PBA connector.  Remove the bottom case and motherboard assembling screws.

FAN Module

The illustrations below show how to separate the FAN module.

Separate FAN module

  1. Remove 8 screws on the thermal module assy & fan
  2. Disconnect the FAN cable and take the FAN away.

CPU Module

1.  Turn the CPU socket Screw by Counter clock wise 180 deg.