Disassembly iPhone 5

If you are starting to repair the device for the first time, pay attention to this tutorial — First time repairing

Tools needed to disassemble iphone 5: 

  • Pentalobe screwdriver – 0,8mm
  • Phillips screwdriver – PH00 1.5mm
  • Suction cup for removing touchscreens
  • Plastic mediator or plastic card

How to disassemble iPhone 5

Step-by-step guide how to disassemble iPhone 5 to replace the display parts. In contrast to the later models of smartphones released by Apple, the process of disassembling iPhone 5 is easier even for those who did not previously disassemble the smartphone.

Video guide how to replace screen on iPhone 5

How to replace battery in iPhone 5

How to open and remove battery step by step on video tutorial.

How to replace battery on iPhone 5 

Replacement home button on iPhone 5

If the Home button is faulty, you can replace it.

Video tutorisl how to replace home button in iPhone 5

Reassemble iPhone 5

Reassembly of the iPhone 5 display after replacement.