First time repair

If you are making the first disassembly or repair, you need to pay attention to basic safety precautions. This article will also be given the necessary tools to disassemble the laptops, tablets, phones, game consoles etc.


Notice: Before the implementation of a process of disassembly and maintenance, observe the following instructions.

1. Please ensure that device is disconnected from the different sources of power such as battery or power supply adapter.

disconnect battery and power supply adapter

2. Remove all rings, bracelets, watches and any other metal objects from your hands.

Remove all metal objects

3. We recommended use a ground strap on your hand or antistatic gloves to protect the unit from static discharge.


Necessary Tools

Phillips-head Screwdriver

To disassemble the laptop in most cases it is sufficient Phillips-head Screwdriver type PH1.

Screwdriver type PH1

Notebook manufacturers sometimes use the non-standard screws-bolts and for these situations, it is recommend to have a set of screwdrivers.

Screwdrivers Kit
Screwdrivers Kit


Use a pair of tweezers to remove or insert flexible cables.



Use plastic spandger to open the laptop case or tablet. If you don’t have spandger, you can use a plastic card for example, or similar plastic or wooden object. We recommend not to use metal objects if you disassemble the first time.

spudger plasti opener tools
Opening Tools

Thermal paste

If you decide to clean notebook you will need thermal paste. There are lot of different types of thermal pastes, but we prefer to use thermal paste Arctic Cooling MX-4 or Noctua NT-H1. 

Thermal grease
Best thermal paste for laptop

Useful notes

When disassembling you will get a lot of screw-bolts with different types and length. When assembling the notebook is very important to them to screw into place as intended by the manufacturer, so keep the screw-bolts in designated containers as shown in the picture below. Such containers you can make out of plastic / paper cups.

Notice: Using a wrong length screw-bolts in a wrong place you can damage the laptop case or even short and fry the motherboard. This will result in serious damage.


For easy assembly process, you can draw a diagram of the bottom case of your laptop as shown in the image below. Thus you will be able to expand the screws removed under the scheme, it will greatly facilitate you the process.

draw laptop diagram

Recommendations for disassembly laptops

Keyboard Module

In many models of laptops use latches that are holding the keyboard as shown in the picture below. To remove the keyboard, you need to open latches on the keyboard module by a pair of tweezers.

open latches on the keyboard

Remove Keyboard Cable

1. Use a flexible connector tool to unlock the cable connector on both ends (no. 1).

2. Carefully pull out the keyboard cable (no. 2) with a pair of tweezers.

Remove Keyboard Cable

Removing the CPU

Turn the locking screw as indicated in the picture below 180 degrees counterclockwise to «unlock» position.

Removing the laptop CPU

How to clean fan and change the thermal grease

1. It is necessary to clean accumulated dust from the fan.

How to clean fan notebook

2. Remove accumulated dust because this is the main cause of overheating laptop.

Remove dust overheating laptop
Clean from dust overheating laptop

3. Remove the old thermal grease from the CPU and heat sink.

Remove old thermal grease

4. Apply a thin even layer of new thermal paste.

Apply new thermal paste on cpu