How to disassembly Asus K570, F570, A570

If you are making the laptop disassembly for the first time in your life, pay attention to this tutorial — First time repairing. In this guide you will find recommendations that will help avoid common mistakes in the disassembly process.

Laptop Asus K570, F570, A570, X570 series consists of Asus K570U, K570UD, F570UD, F570ZD, A570Z, A570ZD, X570U, X570UD, X570ZD models – all of these models have the same process of disassembling and replacing components.

Download Drivers for Asus X570 from the official site

For disassemble the Asus K570, F570, A570 laptop, you will need the following tools:

  • Phillips screwdriver Phillips 1 (PH1)
  • Plastic spatula for housing disassembly
  • Antistatic tweezers

 Asus K570, F570, A570 disassembling, fan cleaning and replace thermal paste

If your laptop is overheating during operation and sharply turning off, this most likely is overheating of the cooling system. The reason for this is the accumulation of dust on the radiator. If not clean the cooling system in a timely manner, it may cause damage to the laptop. You can eliminate this problem by repeating the procedures shown in the video below. The information provided in our video instructions makes it possible to clean the laptop of dust yourself at home.

Asus K570, F570, A570 RAM Upgrade

In this video of the instructions you will see how to add RAM to the Asus K570, F570, A570 laptop. This laptop uses a type of DDR4 RAM and the maximum amount of RAM supported is 32GB. How to upgrade the amount of RAM, you can watch from our video instructions below.

Asus K570, F570, A570 How to Upgrade M.2 SSD

This laptop supports type m.2 ssd which can be replaced with a faster one like NVMe or with a new one with a larger capacity. From the step-by-step video guide below you will learn how to install a m.2 ssd.

ASUS K570, F570, A570 Hard Drive Replacement / Upgrade

The video below shows all the steps for replacing Hard Drive with a new one or installing an SSD instead of a HDD.

This video shows ASUS K570, F570, A570 battery replacement

All necessary steps presented here in this video guide. From this video you will learn how to replace the battery in your Asus laptop.
Part number of the battery B31N1723, according to this number you can find the battery for laptop ASUS 570 series.