Dell G5 5587 / G7 7588 Disassembly Guide

If you are making the laptop disassembly for the first time, pay attention to this tutorial — First time repairing

Laptop Dell G5 5587 has a same disassembly process as laptop model Dell G7 7588

What we do in this guide:

  • fix overheating laptop
  • replacement thermal paste in laptop
  • upgrade or replace the hard drive
  • upgrade m.2 SSD
  • RAM upgrade
  • battery replacement

Disassembly process

1. Turn the laptop over and unscrew the screw that holds the bottom cover. Then, carefully remove the cover with a plastic card around the edges.

Step 1 of Dell G5 G7 disassembly

How to remove or replace the battery on the Dell G5 5587

2. Disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard and unscrew the 3 screws as shown in the photo (marked in yellow). Now we take out the battery from the laptop. Part number battery 33YDH Dell for replacement.

For upgrade the RAM, hard drive, SSD drive, it is not necessary to remove the battery and unscrew the 3 screws, only to disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard.

Step 2 of Dell G5 G7 disassembly

Upgrade the RAM in Dell G5 5587 / G7 7588

Pull two latches here to pop the Memory module up at 45 angles, and then pull out the module at that angle. Buy memory for Dell G5/G7 laptop

Dell G5 G7 upgrade RAM
Dell G5 G7 support DDR4 memory and maximum 64Gb RAM (2x16Gb)

3. Disconnect all cables as shown in the photo. A cable that is circled in a green circle turns off upward. All other cables are disconnected to the side.

Step 3 of Dell G5 G7 disassembly

4. Removing or replacing SSD, HDD and WI-FI

For upgrade the SSD, Hard Drive or RAM on Dell G5 5587 / G7 7588 laptop, do not need to disconnect cables and remove the battery, just need to disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard.

For upgrade Hard Drive: unscrew the 4 screws and disconnect the SATA cable to remove or replace the hard drive.

For upgrade M.2 SSD: unscrew one screw to remove or replace the M2 SSD.

To remove the WI-FI module, unscrew one screw and remove the protective plastic fastener, then detach the wires.

Next to the WI-FI module there is another cable (marked in green), too, disconnect.

Step 4 of Dell G5 G7 disassembly

5. Unscrew all screws M2.5X6 (marked in yellow). And unscrew the 4 screws that are under the hard drive (not showed on the photo)

Step 5 of Dell G5 G7 disassembly

6. Unscrew 4 screws M2X3 marked in green.

Step 6 of Dell G5 G7 disassembly

7. Unscrew the 4 screws on the top panel and gently, with a plastic tool, separate the top panel part of the case. Remove the top panel.

Step 7 of Dell G5 G7 disassembly

8. After removing the top panel, unscrew 2 more screws.

Step 8 of Dell G5 G7 disassembly

9. Next, using a plastic tool, carefully separate the bottom of the notebook and carefully open the case. Separate the case with the keyboard and the display from the bottom of the case with the motherboard.

10. Unscrew the 7 screws (marked in yellow) and disconnect the 3 cables (marked in green).

Step 10 of Dell G5 G7 disassembly

11. Unscrew the 6 screws on the cooling system of the laptop and lift the thermal tubes up.

Step 11 of Dell G5 G7 disassembly

12. Remove the old thermal paste from the processor and thermal tubes.

It is necessary to clean the old thermal paste very carefully. The CPU or GPU crystal can be damaged by hard objects, use only soft materials!

13. Apply thermal paste evenly over all the crystal surfaces of the CPU and GPU. If necessary, you can clean the fans from dust. Install the cooling system back and screw 6 screws.

14. Assemble the Dell G5 5587 / G7 7588 laptop in the reverse order from point 9 to 1.

Possible problems: As soon as you assembly the laptop, turn the laptop over, plug the power connector and the laptop will turn on. The fans will automatically turn on at full power, the keyboard backlight will turn on and charging indicator on the panel will light up orange instead of white. After the laptop switches itself off. After pressing the power button, it again turned on, turned off after 3-4 seconds and switched on again with an error in the BIOS. Go into the BIOS, do not change anything, just save the settings and exit the BIOS. After the laptop normally loads the operating system. This is because during disassembly of the laptop, the bios battery is disconnected and therefore an error may appear.