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Instructions for disassembling iPhone, iPad and iPod include the following steps of disassembly:

  • How to disassemble iPhone for replacement of components
  • Battery replacement in iPhone or iPad
  • Replacing the display in iPad
  • Replacing the screen in iPhone
  • Replacing the home button
  • Replacing the Logic Board in iPhone

Replacement of any of the components in the smartphone is not a repair that requires any professional skills. All that is necessary when disassembling an iPhone or iPad is a little patience and accuracy. You also need tools for disassembling the iphone, which you can find on the page “Tools and Parts”. In each manual you will find not only a full step-by-step guide, but also a recommended product that is suitable for disassembling your phone or tablet. If your device breaks, you do not need to go to the workshop, you can repair the device yourself at home.